Co-Curricular Activities

Photo Activities
Digital Science Laboratory

Students directly interact with the equipments,get a learning experience by performing various experiments

A visit to NDA

Make students feel immense pride in our Armed Forces and renewed sense of Patriotism

Police Station Visit

Remove the fear from young generation’s mind, to gain confidence, encourage students to choose their carrier

Traffic Awareness Camp

Sensitize students about the importance of observance of Road Safety Rules & make them responsible citizen

Fun Fair

Enrich student's mind with new knowledge, thrill and enjoyment


Improve muscle mass flexibility, stability and co-ordination of mind


Learn team work, focus and improvisational skills


stimulates brain development increase human connections and reduce

Diwali Party

Educate students about Indian culture and tradition


Develops a team spirit, improve and maintain physical ability and skills.

Quiz Competition

Enables students to think from different angles OR To think out of box.

Fancy Dress Competition

To develop confidence get a stage daring.

National Festivals

Planting seed of nationalism and patriotism among students.


Yoga bring a positive vibes and de-stress students and increase the sharpness of brain and concentration power.

Palkhi & Eid Celebration

Sensitize the student's mind with traditional integrity, social awareness and tolerance (respect for religion).

Laboratory Visit

Provide an experimental foundation for the theoretical concepts

Science Exhibition

Wholesome development of the students, enhance interest in Science.

Dahi Handi/Pustak Handi

Celebration of Krishna Janmashtami, By Pustak Handi increase the interest in reading enhance their knowledge.

School Picnic

Provides special pleasure in busy student's life and to get practical experience.

Career Guidance
Develops student's competencies in self knowledge, educational and occupational exploration and career planning.