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“We believe that every child is unique and has unique identity by birth. ’’


is a brain child of Shri Vijay More Sir who is a multi faced personality. He is founder of


Dear parents,

      Our school’s motive is to provide all students high quality education that will enable them to be contributing members of a multi ethnic, multi cultural, pluralistic society. We seek to create an environment that achieves equality for all students and ensures that each student is a successful learner, who earns respect and learns to respect others.

      The aim of our school is to impart quality education designed for the all round development of child. We prepare students for their future duties by a careful cultivation of their minds and hearts.In our school children will be enlightened intellectually, morally,Socially, professionally and spiritually. Special emphasis is given for the practice of natural virtues like truthfulness, honesty, politeness, simplicity and self discipline.

      Our School offers a unique range of world-class educational service for the holistic development of students in curricular and co-curricular areas.

      We will also lead in generating practical and theoretical knowledge that enables students to understand the world better and improve local and global conditions

      I look forward for your kind association, valuable support and a healthy relationship that shall assist us in the holistic development of each child

      Mr. Vijay More
( Founder)


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